March 14, 2021

 Dear Angel Community,


If school was in session, BBBSD would be following the protocols in the low-risk/green category of the SS2020 plan. We are pleased to report the following:

·      44% or more of all eligible adults in the Borough have had one or more vaccinations.

·      Camai held a mass vaccination event to increase vaccination rates.

·      16+ will soon qualify to be vaccinated.

·      As of Friday, 3/12/2021, no active cases of COVID were being tracked in the Borough.


The most current information available targets March 29th as the date BBBSD can regain access to the High School Wing. According to the Borough, the following events are in process:

1.     Final touch-up and cleaning of the High School wing will happen the week of March 15th.

2.     Additional asbestos testing will follow the final cleaning.

3.     Testing results will be generated the week of March 22nd.

4.     School staff should have access to the building late in the week of the 22nd.

5.     Students should return to the HS wing the week of March 29th.

 Please note that this schedule is dependent on the facility passing all testing. The only thing that could block re-entry is if the facility failed any of the tests administered. BBBSD has plans in place to hold all Pre-K through 12th grade instruction in the HS Wing, once it is available.


BBBSD will continue working under the Smart Start 2020 plan that was developed this fall until further notice. We will continue observing testing/quarantining requirements for students/staff who travel, the use of masks, social distancing and appropriate hygiene. The State Department of Health and Social Services continues promoting these behaviors as the best way to keep schools operational. 


The BBBSD basketball teams will not be participating in regional or state basketball events this year. Travel to locations with moderate-high COVID transmission rates for extended stays was considered too risky at this time. The district will continue looking to provide our students with opportunities to participate in events throughout the rest of the spring.


Spring Break will occur March 15th-19th, we hope that everyone enjoys a brief respite. The week following Spring Break is scheduled for remote instruction, please email/call your child’s teacher(s) if you need any additional information.


Have a great weekend!

Bill Hill, Superintendent