Purpose of the Migrant Education Program:

The goal of the Migrant Education Program is to assist all migratory children in meeting challenging academic standards and achieving graduation from high school (or a HSE program) with an education that prepares them for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment.

District Level Staff and Contractors:

Gwendolyn Quail (gquail@bbbsd.net)

  • Program Management & Migrant Education Recruiter  

Mr. Kyle Schnieder

  • Migrant Reviewer & Course History Preparation

Ms. Jenny Myhand   (jmyhand@bbbsd.net)

  • Program Advisor & Fiscal Representative

Rebecca Bowlus (rbowlus@bbbsd.net

  • Migrant Education Aide  

Jolina Jones(madelinecarwile@bbbsd.net)

  • Migrant Education Tutor

 State of Alaska Migrant Education Office Website and Contact Information

Eligibility & Reports

2019-2020 Migrant Education Program Services

  • Free books and/or educational supplies

  • Tutoring services, if needed

  • Winter wear, if needed

  • Possible partial reimbursement for a college / tech school visit (limited availability; high school seniors only)

  • Swimming lesson vouchers (limited availability)

  • Technology fees paid

  • Sports fees paid (for purposes of school engagement and academic performance)

  • Free meal benefits

  • Other, based on family request and alignment with the migrant program objectives, if funding is available