Winter Sun

Dear Angel Community,


The Health Advisory Committee met on Friday and determined that BBBSD will begin operating in the low risk/green category of the Smart Start 2020 plan.


BBBSD rolled out the “Angel App” that is available on Android/Apple devices. Our hope is that it will be a better way to communicate with students, parents and community members. Simply search for “Bristol Bay Borough Schools” and install the application with BBBSD’s logo.


In addition to the general contractors on site, there is now activity from a number of subcontractors, including: plumbing, mechanical, fire & control system, flooring, tile, sheetrock/paint and electrical. Progress has picked up substantially and work continues toward a solution on the remaining asbestos issues.


The first week of school in alternate facilities went relatively smoothly. School staff were excited to be working “in person” with your children and we hope they all had a good week as well. Once again we would like to relay our gratitude to our community for helping to make this happen.


BBBSD will continue working under the Smart Start 2020 plan that was developed this fall until further notice. We will continue observing testing/quarantining requirements for students/staff who travel, the use of masks, social distancing and appropriate hygiene. The State Department of Health and Social Services continues promoting these behaviors as the best way to keep schools operational.


Interested students have begun practicing basketball this week. Protocols in place for students and adults include: masking at all times, 6 feet of separation unless actively playing and weekly testing.

Have a great weekend!

Bill Hill Superintendent