The proposal submission deadline has been extended until 2/9/24

The Bristol Bay Borough School District is seeking multi-year contract bids for Category 1 internet services (starting on July 1, 2024) and Category 2 eligible internal connections equipment. The following documents can also be viewed on the USAC public portal.

Any questions must be submitted in writing no later than January 19, 2024 to the email listed in the documents. Questions and answers will be posted to this page. Inquiries via telephone or text will not be responded to.


Q - Where are the three entities located?
A - 58.733046268694245, -157.00559766129695

Q - The number of entities in your RFP indicates 3 however the quantity requests 2. Will one of the locations serve two entities?
A - The district contains 3 entities and 2 circuits.

Q - Would you prefer the internet capacity locked at a given speed e.g. 25Mbps or be allowed to provide the maximum available within your specified range of 25Mbps to 100Mbps?
A - We are seeking bids starting at 25Mbps (minimum) with a 100Mbps (maximum) to provide for growth throughout the life of the contract.

Q - Will the school district indicate the current service level (i.e., 25x10 Mbps) and the current connection type (i.e., Satellite, Terrestrial etc.) for the current contract?
A -The district currently utilizes two 25x25mbps Terrestrial connections.

Q - Are Bristol Bay High School and Naknek Elementary School collocated within the same building or are they two separate buildings? Can the District provide a diagram of the existing connections between buildings to be serviced?
A - The highschool, elementary school and district office are located in the same building and share a building-wide LAN. We only require the connections to be available in the Telecom room. Existing infrastructure will provide distribution throughout the building.

View Telecom Room Location

Q - Is there any existing school owned terrestrial connections between the District Office and the main campus (Bristol Bay High School)?
A - Yes

Q - Will the District provide an opportunity to present the proposal and answer questions?
A - We are only accepting written proposals at this time. The District reserves the option to meet with bidders for Q&A of proposals after all bids have been received by the ACD date for evaluation purposes.

Q - Will you provide the metrics or scoring rubric for the Category 1 services?
A - Not at this time.

Q - Is the District office located in a separate building or within the High School or Elementary building?
A - All entities are located within the same building.

Q - Does the District want connectivity for a maintenance building?
A - No

Q - Are there ethernet connections between Elementary and High School?
A - Yes