December Menus

The December breakfast & lunch menus are available on the breakfast-lunch program page above.

School Picture Makeup Day

Marilyn Tolbert will be here to do school picture makeups on Tue Dec 2 starting at 10:30.

Thanksgiving Feast Tuesday Nov 25

Just a reminder that if you are coming to the school's Thanksgiving Feast tomorrow to eat with your child, grandchild, niece/nephew, etc., you need to stop by the office to buy a lunch ticket before going to the cafeteria. Tickets are $6.  Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Home Wrestling This Weekend (Nov 14-15)

Come cheer for your Angels!


CTE Newsletter Session 1 2014-15

The first session of the weeklong CTE classes recently concluded.  The newsletter is available for download via the link below.

Student of the Month Selection

Some people have asked how teachers select students to be recognized for student of the month.  The simple answer is that it varies.  Sometimes it's a student that has consistently done work of high quality.  Sometimes it's a student that has been working really hard the past month and deserves to be recognized for the effort and improvement. Sometimes a student is chosen because he or she doesn't get a lot of attention or praise; the hope is that this could be the pat on the back the student needs to encourage them to work hard and do better.  
Please don't harrass your child's teacher if your child wasn't selected this month.  It's often a difficult decision for a teacher to make.  Chances are your child will be selected at some point during the year.  Undoubtedly there was a very good reason a certain child is selected. 

Candidates' Forum

The candidates' forum will be held at the borough assembly chambers Thursday Oct 2 at 7pm. The forum will once again be hosted by the high school government students.

October Menu Available

The breakfast & lunch menus for October are available under the parents & students tab above, or you can go there directly via this link.

Middle School Volleyball Coach Vacancy

The school is looking for a middle school volleyball coach.  Unfortunately this is not a paid position, but you'll have our gratitude! We're not posting it yet, but when winter rolls around we'll also be looking for a middle school basketball coach for the girls.  Paula is our AD this year so we need to fill the roles she did so well for the past several years.

Menu Change Sept 23 & 26

There is a slight change to the menu for September 23 & 26.  Lunch on the 23rd will be breakfast for lunch: French Toast, Sausage, Tater tots, Diced Peaches, and Lowfat Milk.  On the 26th lunch will be salmon wrap instead of fish tacos.

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